is Blue Heaven OK with Magnepan and Rogue?

I own a Rega CD2000, LP12 w/Rega RB300/Grado Sonata, Rogue 99 Magnum preamp & 120 Magnum poweramps, Magnepan 1.6QR, all connected with Nordost Blue Heaven wire and IC, in a 13" x 20" room that is a little 'live' (all carpeted and some curtains). Has anyone tried the Blue Heaven cables with 1.6s? (Maybe they are not the best with the Rogue?) My setup sounds very nice but has a suckout in the midrange and can sound thin in the high end, even though the tone is usually pretty neutral. I plan on running a dedicated power line and replacing the outlet, will that be the key to a fuller and more lifelike midrange? I tend to like a slightly romantic sound but am having a hard time giving up the highly nuanced (but some say bright)Blue Heavens. What cables would you recommend?
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Plug in Mullards wherever you can.
Kimber Hero has a full and detailed sound.
You will have the full-bodied midrange you crave.
Many of my "Maggie" friends like Pure Note cables. The are very liquid yet detailed (not bright). They are also priced fairly