Is Benz Micro no longer in business?

Are Benz Micro carts no longer supplied or supported by Benz Micro?
Thats a good question. I have heard that there are some real problems with supply and demand as well as service for exchanges as well as retips. I would really like to know as well and would welcome some pseudojournalist in the audio industry to provide some accurate information. I spoke to the importer, musical surroundings a few months ago and all they could tell me was that they did not know what was going on. Attempts to contact Benz Micro is Switzerland have not been answered.

Anyone else?
This is an ongoing issue for more than a year... many threads in several audio sites have discussed this.
Not much info about what exactly is going on, other than no one in the USA can get any Benz carts. The story i read was the main guy has some medical issues (old guy) and the factory sort of centers around him. So with that, the production is down to a small dribble, all staying in the EU Maybe so small it is all being sent onky to close friends...
So unless the situation changes.. Benz may be history for most of us.
Hello forum members ,Had today a telephone call with importer
in the Netherlands , and he told me Benz micro is still in bussiness , but it is a very smal compagnie where every cartridge is tested before sending to the importers.That is why orders last so long .They have no Email address other than for importers .The problem for the US is probably the communication between your importer and the factory.
I have an LPS and asked about a replacement when this one wears out....I got a "sure" from a number of providers
There are in fact still in business, near as I can tell. I got an SL from them about 6 weeks ago.
FWIW - In addition to retip services Soundsmith is taking Benz cartidges in trade for some of its more expensive cartridges. The Soundsmith trade-in program is not as good as the Benz trade-up program. However, you might be waiting quite a long time to use the Benz trade-up program.
I spoke to my dealer today and he told me that for all intents and purposes, Benz is no more. Albert Lukasheck apparently has " lost interest" in the line and has decided to shelve the production. Seems a little crazy as there was continued interest worldwide in the cartridge, BUT this is the situation. As a Benz owner, I am disappointed, however, it is time to move on. Lyra and others beckon........
The Health from some of the Benz Team is not the best, they need much time for their projects ...
No big deal , move on to better sounding cartridges from Lyra and Dynavector :-)
Agree with Downunder. Benz makes nothing that compares to Atlas, Titan i, XV-1s. XV-1t, and Tae Kaitora.
.......and Ortofon A90 and Anna.
..... they simply offer cartridges which do not produce headache.
I love the sound of my Benz- perhaps because I do not recall ever hearing a Lyra. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.
Dear Syntax, You are refering to the prices I assume?