Is BCD-1 hands down better than Sony XA5400es

Is Bryston the clear favorite for redbook cd's?
Since the Sony is out of production and all inventory is gone. I guess if you want a new one you are SOL.
I have not seen that Sony for sale here at all.
So the Bryston is the only choice of the two models, new.
Your wrong;
Check ebay power sellers & Crutchfield & Digital Universe
The Sony sight says they are available.

In answer to your question-NO! A better question would be: Is it any better?

The Sony seems to be one of those "Special" components that pop out of Sony every once and a while. It is killer at its price point.

I have used many high dollar CD players and I now see it was a waste. The Sony competes with any of them.

I will say the Bryston is better built as for the case. I would hope some of the internal components would be better spec'd but Sony has a way. Economy of scale is a wonderful thing.
Thanks, I was looking for one (Sony) and did not find any, except the news it was discontinued.
I received my SCD-XA-5400ES yesterday from these folks. give them a call
IMO the Sony XA5400ES contrary to the Techradar review is a better SACD player than with RB CD although the latter is also very good. The best performance comes from using it with its matching DA6400/5400ES receiver with H.A.T.S. enabled for lowest jitter via HDMI. The MCH SACD performance is superb and unequalled by any other player that I know of especially at its realistic price.