Is bass-expander really good for stereo system?

Hi,I have been looking for some tweak other than spkr placement,see if somehow the bass reproduction of my system can be "heavier" or extended a bid without sacrifizing other aspects of sonic reproduction. My system consited of (1)AhTjoeb 4000 CDP (2)NADC370 integrated amp(120Wx2) (3)
Analysis plus Oval 9 spkr cable(4)Quadral Ascent850 spkr(3-way, bass reflex,floor standing,28-24000Hz freq. resp.,4-8Ohm,89dB sensitivity)5)TruthLink IC-harmonic-tech).Lately, I browse on web-site and looking into the unit called Ultrabass EX PRO-1200 (ITS NOT AN EQUILIZER OR ORDINARY "BASS BOOSTER"). I have been wondering has anybody have experiences in using such unit(or similair unit)? and how does it sound-in matching with the 2 channel stereo system? does it sacrifizing other sonic aspects although getting more extended bass??
Your opinion and suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks a lot
I have had experience with several bass boxes and other black box devices over say the last 10 years. I have a Behringer Eq but am not familiar with the device you mention. Audiocontrol makes a bass eq - the Richter Scale - which just controls the bass frequencies. Some devices I have tried create bass frquencies in a synthetic way - I find some of these add distortion that intrudes on the naturalness of the music and some give woofers a tough time. Electronic crossovers can be a good way to extend the bass in a system although with your setup it may not be feasible. Get the Behringer and try it out - send it back if you do not like it. The Legacy Steradian also does bass extension and can be used in a tape loop for before and after comparisons. This is the device the Legacy Whisper uses for bass control to suit a room.
Kevin Barrett of KAB Electroacoustics is up to date on this subject.
why not get a subwoofer ? RELs integrate very well, and can be found used for about $800 up. It worked for me. What you're suggesting may work, but may strain your amp and main speakers, forcing them to work harder to drive low frequencies. I'd be very wary as it may be difficult to resell if you don't like it.
I see no mention of upgrade AC cords on your equipment list. That is the very first thing that I would experiment with. You can tune your rig by trying different AC cords; no two sound exactly the same & many differ considerably in terms of their affects on sonic signature. Both the integrated & the CDP could be tuned, not necessarily using the same cords. Buy some used & then turn around what you decide not to keep.
Wow. I just can't believe you are not getting deep bass with the equipment listed above. A tube player, NAD is if anything a bit TOO heavy in the bass, high end cables and a three way speaker? Maybe Bob's got a good idea with the power issue.

Only other main thing I can think of is component isolation, if you haven't done so already. I find the most solid and extedned bass comes from rigid, spiked islolation platforms. Put each on its own platform if you can. I think Needle Doctor has an Apollo brand wall shelf for turntables, but it may work just fine for cds and amps too.
For speakers obviously Target stands are a good choice, however I heard from someone that field point arrowheads from an archery store are a good cheap alternative. (place three per speaker in a triangle formation, one on the front edge, two on the back corners, spikes pointing UPWARD) You may already know all this already but in any case good luck :^)
Simon, I would also recommend experimenting with a sub. There are other, (more controllable,) subs such as the M&K line which have a low-pass filter adjustment which will allow you to pick where they compliment your main speakers best. Remember, a sub allows you to experiment with placement in your listening room to maximize your bass response. (Most rooms are corner placed for max bass, in some that is excessive.)

Check this article by Dr. Greene (of TAS) out:

Good luck,

you may also want to experiment with other interconnects. Try to borrow some demo's from a local dealer if possible. Explain your present sonic signature & your goal of course.
Simon> I have been researching this same problem (lack of bass weight). I was considering a sub and still am. However I found one thing that has given me more bass is a dedicated circuit. Let me say that I was skeptical and put in the circuit primarily because of possible circuit overload. However I noticed an improvement. I waited a month or so and replaced the cheap receptacle with an Arrow-Hart hospital grade recep. Again I noticed an improvement. There seems to be more bass and openness. One more incrament and I'm there. Now I haven't tried any power cords yet, but it's next on my list. You might want to give it a try. Virtual Dynamics and Absolute sell for $50 with a $ back. Also Acme recep ($30) get great reviews. PC's and Acme outlet is my next step. You may scoff at this. Six months ago I would have.