Is bagend a reputable company

I just read on the soundandvision website about their new Infra sub 12 which has a claimed +/- 3dB response of 95 to 8 Hz. Yes, that's right 8 Hz. I shot of an email questioning this 8Hz rating and even mentioned that Wilson Audio XS is only rated to 16Hz and that is a coffin sized box with dual 18 woofers. Seems like marketing BS to me so I wondered if they were decent folk who had just mis stepped.
You need to do your homework. Visit the Bagend website (easily accessed thru A'gon) for information.
Bag End has been making Pro Sound reinforcement gear for over 20 years. I remember working with some of the gear

As to the design of their speaker and its' capabilities, they use what most would consider a backwards approach. They picked a large woofer ( to move a lot of air ) with a high resonance point ( so as not to interfere with LOW frequency reproduction ) and then equalize the driver for what should be a relatively flat and linear response below that point. This takes a LOT of power to do effectively, but then again, most woofers chew voltage and spit current anyhow.

As to a driver being capable of doing 8 Hz, that will have to do with the suspension of the driver and the tuning of the box. I have two commercially manufactured sets of speakers that will do 5 Hz. These make use of a box that would be considered a relatively small to medium sized floorstander. I would have never believed it if i didn't see / feel it for myself. I found this out when playing with a system "cleaning & calibration" disc. I guess that this is one of the reasons that these speakers have always been mentioned as having "powerful" bass, as they truly do go LOW. Sean
BagEnd is located in a suburb of Chicago, and a couple of my favorite local Chicago clubs used BagEnd speakers for their PA systems. I always thought the sound was excellent. One of them (Schuba's) switched to ElectroVoice a few years ago and I don't think the sound has been the same since. I don't know if they made any other changes or if it was merely the difference between the two speaker brands, but I much preferred the old BagEnd sound to the EV sound. I plan on checking out one of their 4x12 guitar speaker cabinets one day (if they're still making them, that is).
You should really listen to these subwoofers -- they are pretty darn good for the pricepoint. The only reason that I do not have one is the size of the enclosure vs. the position they liked in my room. With two of them and a door slam on a movie, it will make the couch move....

Also, some of my favorite local bans utilize Bag end pro gear -- sound nice in open air!!
I demo'ed the Infrasub 18 inch sub in my home for several weeks. It was an excellent musical sub. You will notice that the fit'n finish may not be the best in the business but the sound is all business.

Also, the Infrasub 18 inch sub does not offer infinite dial-in configurations.

Definitely worth looking at.