Is B&W A Reputable Company

I mean I've heard their Nautilus line and prefer them to Avalons and Wilsons, and think the 802 is as transparent as a properly place Martin Logan. Does anyone else like them? and also do you think there is a big difference between the 803 and 802?
There is a pair of 802 Nautilus sitting in my living room. I love them. They are about 1 year old and they have yet to stop impressing me. As far as comparing the 802 to the 803, the 802 shares the 801's midrange enclosures which is decoupled from the rest of the enclosure - so the midrange is sounds better on the 802's than the 803. The 802 also goes down a little lower than the 803. They are both a great speaker. But let your ears be the judge. I plan to keep my 802's for a long time. :-) The last time I heard the 803's was about a year ago so I am going on memory. Good luck.
After listening to many speakers, I purchased a pair of Nautilus 805s. I believe these small Nautilus speakers to be the finest bookshelf models I've heard at any price. They offer high levels of refinement and craftsmanship. I've heard the larger Nautilus models and found each to be excellent. Probably the best approach is to make a selection based on the bass response needed for your listening room. The 805s seemed the best choice for my small 12x15 music room. B&W is a quality company- even their $250 DM-302s sound great.
You can trust B&W as a company.
The definition of reputable is:1.adj[worthy of esteem or deference] Synonyms, respectable, creditable, estimable, reputed, well-thought-of. Near Synonyms, honorable, worthy. If you are actually asking these questions about B&W, the answer is YES, they are all of these things! If you are asking for opinions about the performance of B&W compared to other speakers, I do prefer B&W, when compared to Avalon or Martin Logan. I cannot say the same if you wish to add Soundlab, Magnaplaner, and Quad.
My 801s3 (1996 vintage) continue to keep me satisified. However after 3 years a wire to the voice coil on my tweeter started to have an intermitent connection. B&W took care of me that day with FedEx'ed replacement. Always there on their 800 line. Only Audio Research, Inc (Minnesota) has bested B&W over the years for me in terms of exceptional performance and the ULTIMATE in customer support and parts supply.
The most reputable speaker company today. More goes into their research and development than any 10 American speaker companies combined.The build quality is second to none.
B&W is a very reputable company, however it DOES NOT spend more money on research than the top 10 American companies, nor is its build quality necessarily better than some of the finer ones, i.e. Avalon. I would say the cabinets and the interior speaker components of the Avalons, as well as the company backing the customer is the best I have seen. I have experienced, however, that most of the long term hi- end players will do whatever they can to make the customer happy since it is expensive stuff and there are so many great choices. I also think the best speakers B&W makes are their little bookshelf guys that sell up to $800/pr. Their larger ones...803, 802 801 Nautilus series sound incoher- ent when I compare other comparably priced alternatives i.e Avalon, ProAc, Sound Lab, Vandersteen. Wilsons and Thiels are very well made but to my ear just don't sound like music and require way too much juice to get 'em up.
I have a 1979 pair of B&W DM7 Mark 2 speakers. They still sound great! The company has been very helpful when I have called.