Is Audyssey worth it?

Hi, I would like some assistance in selecting a new receiver and am torn between buying an Integra or Marantz such as the Ingegra 8.9 or Marantz 8002 or buying a Rotel or Arcam reciever.

I believe all would be fine but am leaning towards the Integra or Marantz brands.

I have Revel M22 speakers for the mains and a Revel C32 for the center channel.

The system will be used for a mix of listening to music and home theater.

Thanks to everyone in advance.
I think Audyssey is a wonderful tool and feature to have. Unless you really, really like a receiver that doesn't have it, I don't see why you wouldn't want to have it.
Your equipment is fine, as described, but the value of Audyssey is correction for room acoustics. If yours are perfect, you don't need it (or similar). The rest of us do. ;-)

Kal is being a polite professional, gently prodding you in the right direction. Since I'm NOT an audio professional, I'll be more direct: I would not buy a receiver without it these days. Audyssey makes a BIG difference in nearly every environment.
Ok - I get the message so far -

Next question this is there a recommendation from the group on which reciever to buy - Integra, Marantz or Denon?

I know I am not a fan of Denon in general.
Do you listen to the radio? If not get a Marantz integrated.
BTW all of my listening rooms are utterly incorrect and I found Nirvana.
At you can check out their manufacturer menu.

The difference room correction made in my awkward HT space was stunning. I've become smitten with 7.1 with HT but serious two channel listening in there falls short.
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