Is Audioquest clean and fast?

Thinking of getting some good quality Audioquest King Cobra cables to replace my Harmonic Tech ICs. The HT sound is very pleasing but I'm in the mood for something a bit more clearer and faster with good dynamics. I guess something a little more punchier!

If you have experience with AQ, please describe the sonic characteristics you've experienced with their cabling.
King Cobra was called Python before AQ moved production to China and lowered prices to stay competitive. I had them before (XLR, 0.5m) - It was more clean/refined than AQ Viper. Viper replaced Ruby adding extension on both end and tighter bass (punchier sound). King Cobra is very neutral sounding. Hard to tell if it is particularly punchy. My Acoustic Zen Absolute is a little bit more (silver cable), but I would call it "faster" (and cleaner). Check reviews for AQ Python.
I use King Cobras from my phono pre to the preamp, and they seem to get the electrons there in fine shape producing what appears to be a clear and balanced tone. I also have Diamondback XLRs here and there, Type 8 speaker cables, etc., and I think AQ cables can be an absolute bargain especially if bought used (my solid silver VDM5 sp/dif cable was one of those scores).
My experience with the King Cobra was unlike the experience of Wolf_Garcia. I found the KC to be overly warm with bloated bass and slightly dulled treble. I compared it to the Monster M1000i and found it preferable. This isn't my type of sound. If you want a interconnect with a smooth and balanced sound try Signalcable Silver Resolution. If you want a interconnect that's fast and detailed at a reasonable price, the Audio Advisor Audioquest Black Mamba II will do nicely. YMMV.
I used KC's from my preamp to 2 Rotel Class D power amps. I find the sound of them pretty good. It is neutral sounding but I like it that way. I find a good balance overall with the KC's. I bought mine used actually from here. I used Diamondbacks for my second setup and find them a great bargain as well. I'm happy with my KC's and was even thinking of moving up to Colorado's at some point to see how these sound. Good luck and I think you can't lose with the KC's in my humble opinion.
New King Cobra is 50% off retail with free U.S. shipping at Music Direct, while supplies last. Hard to beat at that level of of pricing.
The Colombia and Colorado are out of the current list, you can get them for good prices. The dbs72v work great and you will hear the differences easy compared to cables like KC and Diamondback. They are also out of the current list. But still great cabels for the money.

I think you should go for a Colombia or Colorado for a good price. They are better in timing and drive compared to the KC and Diamondback. They also will give you better blacks and a sharper individual focus.
Note: "Timing and drive" used as any sort of audio descriptive terms are meaningless audio hooey. Better blacks? The blacks I get from my KCs are like a dead star sucking the light from everywhere...sort of like Bo1972's comments.
DBS72v makes a big difference Wolfy!!

Ask Bill who creates them!!

Comparing cables give you information what the differences are. Wolfy is just a F...idiot with a F... slow Rel subwoofer.

We compare them and we sell them. We know what the differenences are!!
He picks on my woofer...hitting below the midrange.
maybe, I guess it depends on the model and the quality of you equipment...
On an old slow Rel subwoofer a cable of 5 dollar will have the same effect as a 200 dollar cable :)
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There is one good thing; Wolfy is using the right cables :)
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