Is Audiophilia hereditary and or contagious?

How many of you are 2nd generation audiophiles? How many of you have passed it on to your children? Females have ears too.....why does it seem to be so gender biased toward males? How many card-carrying audiophiles have you spawned after they've listed to your rig?
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Males like to play, as opposed to their jobs and (generally) marital state, where they are more or less obliged to be serious. Females, ears or not, are (generally) seriously occupied with home making, husbands, kids, jobs, (not necessarily in that order) and hence have less inclination to play. In other words: We males never grow up and that is part of our charme!....and yes, I have a son, who works occasionally as a DJ, scratches,(which horror of horrors) and tries (mostly unsuccesfully) to raid my LP collection for new ideas.....cheers, must get back to the playpen....oh and yes, if you have the right genes for it, audiophilia, like a few other forms of psychosis, ( the old term "folie a deux" comes to mind ) is I've spawned a few, even females, but strictly extramarital, alas. Better half used to remain very earnestly unconvinced. The rig and I remained, she, like an old soldier, just faded away.....(-;
HI Detlof:
>> “audiophilia, like a few other forms of psychosis”

That explains some of the discussions around here? hehe.

Cheers friend!
Sincerely though delusionally so,
I remain
Warm greetings, comrade in arms,.. and how true you speak... Even Remaining Clueless Can Be A Delusion! Three hearty cheers across the waters from ye olde nutcase
Actually, I have a good grip on the clueless part.
It's the sincerity that is delusional.(hehe)

I remain
I appload to Clueless!
No one in my family is even remotely interested in audiophilia whatsoever. Of course, they're all Republicans or moderates, and I'm a progressive. They all have one degree or fewer, and I have three. They wouldn't touch Washington, DC with a ten foot poll, and I love it here...
One of the most established and heaviest symptoms of audiophilia is when you pay $10k for the 10W SET.

Another one is hearing a subsonic(like a lizard) and super-sonic freequencies under 25Hz and their location of a radiation.
Its neither hereditary nor contageous, but it can be self destructive - sort of like masturbation (as my mother told me).
Just scanning a few of the new posts this morning, if I were reading these from the outside of this crazy hobby I'd certainly be in line to sign the papers to have us all committed: Golf balls, Dish Soap, Masturbation......hey, wait a minute, this sounds like fun!!!

Marco, if all (or at least some) of this sounds fun, you would have enjoyed being a part of the 5-on-5 intramural basketball team I was a part of in college named: 4 Jerks and a Dribble.....
Well, my parents were not audiophiles, but they were musically "inclined." Mom was a pianist, who claims to have been the youngest pianist to perform at Carnegie Hall. My dad was a tap dancer. They met in NYC, during the latter days of vaudeville. Mom was playing some ragtime at the Lenton Club on the Lower Eastside, and dad jumped up on her piano and began to tap dance. Well, you could imagine the fight they had, as mom was enraged that dad was scratching the top of the piano she was playing. It was "fight at first sight" and they fell in love and got married. Lots of scrapbook articles from the local newspaper about their courtship and performances. I was raised in this musical environment. Mom loved classical and opera, dad loved jazz, ragtime, dixieland and showtunes. My older siblings loved rock and roll. Music was always present and part of my upbringing. My parents had a major influence on my affinity for music. Which has resulted in my audiophilism.
Clueless, I do see your point, only I thought that was normal. Well thanks for enlightening me. You live and learn. But then probably that is delusional as well. Another thoughtful cheer in your direction from
The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has classified Audiophilia as contageous. It is not heriditary. On some occasions it has been confused as being heriditary as it has been passed down through generations, but it turns out these siblings were actually infected. If infected it is highly unlikely you will ever be cured. At best you may go into remission for a few years, but they are painful years. The real question at the CDC remains if there is a gene that pre-disposes one to be more likely infected than others.
Rives....Some experts believe it is a religion. That has some else can you explain all of those religious temples disguised hi-fi stores where men go in and more than willingly plunk down their money for a promise of their place in audio nirvana as long as they attend regularly. It has to be a go into one of those temples and you just listen and leave money there...just like you do in church. You will recieve advice and counseling from the proprietor (minister), just like a church.
Mitch: It's a hospital, not a church. (Could be a pharmacy I supppose)
and all along I thought this was an asylum ... (oops that's that *other* place)
Audiophila CAN be about as close to religion as it gets. So far as your observations concerning psychosis Detlof accuracy/musicality, tubes/ss, sub sect pushpull/SET, sub sub sect Set/OTL, sub-sub-sub sect Telefunkens vs Tung Sols vinyl/digital, and one of the most touchy matters to the believers, DON'T TELL ME I can hear the differences in cables, and the non-believers, most are all the same. It plays out much the same as religion does, to some, very deeply felt, absolutist, psychotic heh? If that can't be believed, one is definitely in denial mode. As long as we are happy, what does it matter at all?

There is no one in my family with this disease which further leads me to believe it is contagious. Then again I have seen it passed on from father to son but rarely to daughter and rarer still from mother to daughter. It has an unusually high infection primarily among men of all ages, races, education and income levels. So does male pattern baldness, maybe there is a parallel?
My parents never listened to music.
My siblings had the usual plastic ponograph in a box, and a few dozen records, Elvis, etc.
I was struck with the "bug" as a teen (woof! that's a LONG time ago) when I first saw a new (1965??) Garrard Lab-80 turntable at an electronics supply store. That wood tonearm was the locus of the infection... I've been more or less infected ever since. I had periods of remission: In my twenties for awhile, no stereo, no TV.. (I was into spiritual things, the 70's sort of stuff)Then I fell from nirvana and sought out that audio form again.
I get excited in spurts, buying stuff 'till I am stuffed full.. but then the fever cools and I just listen for awhile.
Sort of like Malaria....