Is Audio Bluebook dead?

It appears to me that Audio Bluebook is no longer being updated.

For example: Sonus Faber Venere is a really popular speaker and I have seen many (100s?) listed on Audiogon over the last ~2 years. However, I can not find any historical sale prices for these speakers in Audio Bluebook.

I am pretty sure it is not me searching incorrectly because I have been able to find historical data on older products (sold on Audiogon prior to ~ 2013).

Is Audio Bluebook really dead? Or am I just suffering the after effects of Saturday night?



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I’m downsizing my house so am selling my PBN Olympia AX amps and LX / PX preamps. Could not find anything on Hifishark or Ebay because these are rarely sold. Orion gave me good information. It’s consistent with what the manufacturer told me a few years ago. I mention the items because they are rare. High end audio is not well represented with Ebay for sure or Hifishark if nobody is selling at the time.  Thanks for all the comments -- it helped me find Orion.
Great, I have used the Orion Audio Bluebook since the early 90's back when they published it in hardcover form. I think it is the best reference for high-end audio.
Hifishark is excellent for searching Audiogon. But now that Audiogon no longer shows Sold prices, buyers will turn to other sites