Is Audio Bluebook dead?

It appears to me that Audio Bluebook is no longer being updated.

For example: Sonus Faber Venere is a really popular speaker and I have seen many (100s?) listed on Audiogon over the last ~2 years. However, I can not find any historical sale prices for these speakers in Audio Bluebook.

I am pretty sure it is not me searching incorrectly because I have been able to find historical data on older products (sold on Audiogon prior to ~ 2013).

Is Audio Bluebook really dead? Or am I just suffering the after effects of Saturday night?



It's not you . When I had a year service I would check to see if the sales I had were reported in the bluebook  . They never were , a dozen or so sales never appeared ?
I agree. I don't think it's being updated.  I think I looked Up Martin Logan Montis, which are popping up for sale all the time, but they aren't listed.
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Bluebooks, Audiogon or Orion, are not very accurate,
Best to use Hifishark and Ebay to gauge current listing prices and recent sold listing prices.
Hifishark and Ebay  are not good sources for high-end audio, not enough representation of high-end manufacturers. Orion is used & participated by dealers & insurance companies and is updated in real time, AudiogoN only uses it's sales and updated infrequently. 
Just ask here . I do not know why some get so offended when people ask used prices on forums . If you have sold or seen an item sold that someone inquires about just state the price .
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Just entered your speaker in a Google search and typed "for sale used" at the end.
hifishark came up.  One pair of Venere 3.0 speakers in walnut finish for sale now on USAudioMart for $2,150 (minor damage) and an expired dealer listing on the same site from Nov. 2016, for $2,400.  List price was shown as $4,000.  I filtered expired listings by country (USA) and found 40 expired listings showing typical used "asking" price mostly between $2-3K.  If you want the "selling" price, reduce asking prices by something like 10-20 percent depending on age and popularity of the product, condition and other factors such as finish or color, sales terms, shipping distance, etc.

One thing hifishark has over the A'gon bluebook, in addition to searching multiple listing sites, is that you can open the actual expired ads and see things like photos, condition, and special considerations in the seller's write-ups.

dill, I don't understand your comment that hifishark is not a good source for high-end audio.  I searched Wilson, Boulder, and D'agostino, and all were well-represented.  Hifishark doesn't have their own listings but works like a search engine that simply links the actual listing site.
Bad thing abut Hifishark is that it brings up listings from pages like Kalaydo, Quoka, Gumtree, etc. that are fully loaded with repetitive scam listings and ridiculous prices.
Plus it also loads listings from many other unsafe marketplaces and forums
I would urge caution when using Hifishark, but it is helpful when searching for hard to find gear.
I just successfully bought some speaker cables from Ebay Germany that I would never have seen without Hifishark.

Why limit yourself to Audiogon?
I subscribed for a few days and cancelled. One problem was that models are missing. I also did not really understand what the price information was representing. Another problem is that the prices of models I have been following prior to my subscription are not accurate in the bluebook. 
I agree that Audiogon bluebook is not accurate. They even can`t get the production dates and retail prices right. For certain brands it`s total mess there.
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I’m downsizing my house so am selling my PBN Olympia AX amps and LX / PX preamps. Could not find anything on Hifishark or Ebay because these are rarely sold. Orion gave me good information. It’s consistent with what the manufacturer told me a few years ago. I mention the items because they are rare. High end audio is not well represented with Ebay for sure or Hifishark if nobody is selling at the time.  Thanks for all the comments -- it helped me find Orion.
Great, I have used the Orion Audio Bluebook since the early 90's back when they published it in hardcover form. I think it is the best reference for high-end audio.
Hifishark is excellent for searching Audiogon. But now that Audiogon no longer shows Sold prices, buyers will turn to other sites