I got some of the ic3 in balanced and rca and they just amaze me.They have me replacing some high end cables. Has anyone found them to sound good

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Can't remember exactly how I came upon the Audio Art website...but, because of the price and guarantee...Thought I had nothing to lose to try them. Believe me, I'm generally biased AGAINST so called 'giant killers'...

I'll give you the short version...I was extremely impressed with their interconnects...and have subsequently replaced my (much more expensive, and previously undefeated) interconnects with them.

I then trialed the Speaker wire...also very impressed...however, ended up staying with mine. (I suspect that if my system combination was slightly different, I would have also kept the Speaker wires).

In my opinion (and my system) both products are excellent, without price qualification. However, (again, in my system) the ICs seem to be the pick of the litter.

One other thing that really impressed the customer service...I consulted with the owner, Robert Fritz, on several issues...he and his service is outstanding...truly seems interested in offering an excellent product at a fair price. You know this game...he could probably easily have added a fancier jacket and some junk science and quadrupled the price...but he didn't.

Not to be harsh...but people that would discount Audio Art products because of their reasonable prices are idiots. To be clear: I'm absolutely NOT saying some ultra-expensive cables aren't fantastic...and might possibly shread the AA cables in your system. However, I am saying these are excellent products, worth considering and worth trying regardless of your current investment. (Period!)