Is Audience or Cardas a better choice than Kimber?

Stereovox is not sold in Norway. How does Kimber cables compare? Is Audience Au24 or Cardas Golden Ref. a better choice than Kimber Select to my Berning ZH270 and Merlin VSM-MX?
Which amp do you have? These cables will react VERY (very) differently depending on whether you use SS or tube.
First off, some of this advice is based upon the recommendations of a friend who has had all three of the aforementioned cables. (I have owned the Cardas Golden Reference and the Audience Au24 as well.)

The Kimber Select is a good cable, but not quite in the class of the other two. (My friend was using some of these, but as we all do eventually, he got better cables, he continued to move them down the priority chain, until finally after several years of use, he sold them just last year.

The Cardas Golden Reference is a very good cable. It is slightly warm, which is not a bad thing if you are running all solid state equipment, and/or want a bit of warmth to take the edge off of a cdp digital output. I just replaced this cable with the Nordost Quatro Fil, not because I was dissatified, but I needed additional length and figured it would be a good time to try out something new. FYI, I like the Quatro Fil, as it is very detailed, but not as nicely warm as the G.R.)

The Audience Au24 is also a very good cable. It is very neutral. (I am using these as both I.C. and speaker cables.) It is also a very good speaker cable, IMHO. (My friend was using this too for speaker cables, until he went with the Nordost Valhalla. Not much difference between the two in my opinion, based upon a quick listen to my friend's sytem before and after the switch.)

My two cents worth. Good Luck in your search.
Today I have Cary CAD 211 AE and Merlin VSM-MX. I’m going to replace the Cary with a Berning ZH270.
I use the Au24 with my Merlins with excellent results. I have also used both the Cardas Golden Cross and Acoustic Zen Holograms with the Merlins and they were also a good match. In all instances, I prefered the cable single wired and ended up using the supplied Merlin/Cardas jumpers.
IMHO, Cardas Golden Ref is a much better choice than Kimber for use w/Merlins & Berning(I own both). au24 is pretty good, but the Cardas Golden Ref is much smoother, full-bodied and natural sounding. The au24 is a tad lean by comparison, but still probably one of the best options in its price class.
Kimber is VERY different sounding, and a better match with "tubier", darker balanced components that lack the high transparency of the Berning & Merlins. The only cables that others have recommended that might better the Cardas with this gear is Stereovox. I haven't heard it, but would like to. Cheers,
Agree with Spencer as to the diff btwn the Au24 and CGR, when used with Joule amp and VSM-MMs.
I'd give AP Golden Ovals a shot. With my VSM-MM's, they're a match made in heaven.
It's hard to understand for me that this dull cable will sing so well with VSM and Berning!
Give us a little more info on your system?
That will surely help

Generally Au24 is detailed and smooth
Cardas GR - Detailed and much more neutral (laid back side a little) - very very nice if you have a more lean sounding system - works well on my Krell system for sure

Nordost - I only tried the Valhalla- detailed detailed (the Au2 is close I believe and is closer sounding to the Au24)

These are general characters of course