Is Aragon 3005 a good amp for marting logan?

I need to know what do you think about this amp for home theater use with front ascent,theater center ,aeon surround?I own a bk reference 7270 right now, but I would like to have something a with a little more details,I'm planing to purchase the aragon stage one processor,I need a lot of imput from you guys.thanks in advance.

can anyone help me with this ?I've seen people look at it, but no respond so more time, can anyone help me?

Armando, The Aragon is a very good amp but so is the B&K. The Aragon is a five channel amp and the B&K is seven channel. Why don't you take the two extra channels in the B&K and biamp your Martin Logans? This would sound better than the amp switch and may give you that extra detail you want.

Thanks for your imput.what is the best way to biamp this speakers?
Run a splitter (Y-connector) from your preamp front left and right outputs to four of the amps. Hook your speakers to those four amps, you should have two sets of speaker inputs on each speaker. Do a search on google for bi-amp, there should be lots of info.