Is Apple Trying to Save Me 5 cents?

Received an odd email from Apple yesterday.  It informed me that I currently pay $28.00 a month for all Apple services, but that if I pay 27.95, I can get “Apple One” and have them all bundled and save big time.

  Besides the obvious nonsense of the premise, after checking with my wife we do no such thing.  We pay about $4 for Cloud Storage.  We have been getting Apple TV for free on our Physical Apple TV, and Apple Music for free for years, ever since I complained after Apple uploaded my CDs to the cloud that I had ripped to iTunes a few years ago without my permission, permanently rendering them lossy in the process.

  Apple is a $3T company that doesn’t care a rats a— what they are really billing .  It does intrigue me however as I have been trying to decide what to do about streaming.

  I stream primarily to explore new recordings.  If I like one I still buy it.  I will be retiring soon and trying to clean up wasted expenditures.  I just added a streaming service for a proprietary label that specializes in remastering historical recordings.  I love it but their offerings are not available on the other services.  I like Qobuz but listen maybe 1-2 hours a week so it isn’t a good value.  Since I get this Apple Music service and belong to Amazon Prime it seems like I ought to be able to use one of them to screen new recordings and cut down streaming costs.  
  One problem seems to be Apple Music and Amazon compatibility with streamers.  I have a CA CXN 60 that works with Tidal and Qobuz but afaik not with Amazon and Apple.  I have been doing AirPay from the iPad to the CA and that seems pretty good.  I was using Chromecast for Qobuz to the streamer, but Qobuz now seems to not support Chromecast, which is to bad because the High Rez offerings sounded spectacular on Chromecast.

  Any observations?