Is APower Conditioner For A Mostly Vintage System Worth Getting?

Hi all, I was thinking of getting a used or relatively inexpensive power conditioner for my mostly vintage man cave system.  It consists of a Yamaha CA-810 integrated amp, matching tuner, Ca-500 Cassette Deck, Wharfedale Diamond 225 speakers, Yamaha carousel cd player and a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable. I'm also thinking of purchasing an outboard phono stage as the one on the 810 is not working fully due to probably needing a good overhaul.  I'm going to need more outlets and I have bought a Belkin power strip from miserable Fry's but thinking a power component might be nice here or will the power strip suffice?  What do you guys think? I'm wiling to spend up to around $350.00 used or new.  Thanks for any forthcoming advice.  
I would recommend something like this:
Wiremold is just a power strip but high quality with no lights or leds or switches just that can mess up the sound. Solid power delivery for $101.87.
Jond, thanks for that recommendation. If I go that route should I plug the integrated amp in to it?
Sure you can plug everything into it, since it's just a good power strip and not a conditioner it doesn't limit current in any way.
You might want to look into the Furman line of power strip /surge protectors/distributors etc. Some are rather nice looking with built in voltmeters and many other features.  They are widely distributed.  I'm looking at a couple of models myself.
Wiremold is the way to go for power strips. They are transparent and non-current limiting. I have the same strip that jond posted except mine includes a circuit breaker.

but thinking a power component might be nice here or will the power strip suffice?  

Power strips do not include any filtering, so noise from the power grid and potential RFI will be passed to your system. 
   There are passive power conditioners such as the Furman "power stations" that will filter noise as well as offer surge protection. A power conditioner will lower the noise floor and allow you to hear more detail. But typically an amp should not be plugged in since conditioners can restrict their high current demand.

I've used a Furman Elite 15i for several years and been very happy with it. Seven outlets, six on the back and one on the front, line filtering, surge protection, front panel voltage readout. 
I use it with both SS and tube amps and have never noticed any current issues with either compared to plugging straight into the wall.

If you don't want surge protection or filtering I'd agree with the Wiremold recommendation.
+1 on the Furman Elite 15i.  Just got a used one last month for $115 in as-new condition.  Nice piece of gear!  There's one on Ebay for $99 right now that I'm looking at for the bedroom system!
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Save your money as this is not a high end high resolution system.Enjoy!!