Is Anything Really "Future-Proof"?

I always get a kick out of an audio company using the term "future proof" because, other than Linn, I’ve never actually seen a piece of gear that was not replaced by something newer and allegedly better, which the previous model could not be upgraded to. Some companies are better than others though. Linn, love them or hate them, at least offers the option of fitting your LP12 with all the latest alleged upgrades. Ayre seems to be pretty good as well. But take DCS for example. Everything they advertise is supposedly future proof, yet a new model comes out and the old one can’t be upgraded. Look - none of the stuff I own can be updated, but it’s not advertised as future proof and personally, I don’t particularly care about updating anything right now. But if you advertise it, I think people have the right to expect you to deliver what you promise. Unfortunately, very little in this life delivers what it promises, but that’s another story. Maybe the companies have a different definition of future proof than I do? I remember back in my studio days, a recording studio would buy some future proof synth like a Kurzweil for like 12 grand, which was a fortune back then, and a year later it was being used as a table for newer outboard gear. I kid you not. It’s actually pretty funny when you think about it. How can you possibly advertise something as future proof when you have no idea of what the future will bring? Yet people buy into it. Did anyone see MQA coming?  
Way it looks future might be short .
I wouldn't put my money on MQA, just yet.

Funny that you bring this topic up-
I own Ayre, Atma-Sphere, McCormack and Vandersteen. All of whom can provide upgrades to their equipment.
Is that the same thing as Perfect Sound Forever?


You can't know what you don't know.

How much future does one person need?  Analog LP playback is fairly future-proof, measured by the typical scale of human experience on the Earth-planet.  I have no doubt that my vinyl records will easily outlive me and be usable more than a century from now.  I'd also bet that in 50 years (if not 100 years) there will still be serious vinyl listeners.

Now if you're messing around with finicky digital stuff that doesn't sound as good now or (maybe) ever, then I can't help you.
Chayro - I suspect as you are pointing out, "future proof" is just another marketing buzz-phrase.  I think loving the sound of music reproduced by the system you have is the most valid form of "future proof" but even then limits apply.  Hey, I used to be crazy about the sound from those wax cylinders.

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Future proof .... Everything is future proof when we read the latest reviews or recommendations from their Fanboys.... We have to make our own decision about Marketing and / or Design done right

When they say...
(They mean ...)

In spite of the measurement anomalies, this speaker is clearly a state-of-the-art product.
( It didn’t SOUND broken when we gave it our top rating )

It was definitely borderline Class A.
( It isn’t that good, but it’s sooo expensive and they’re letting me keep it --- G-d I feel so cheap! )

Better than amps costing three times as much.
( I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I like the amp )

Light years ahead of the competition
( The competition won’t give us a review sample )

Despite it’s slight problems at the extremes, the products strong point
was it’s rendition of the all-important midrange.
( This thing has no bass and treble that actually hurts! )

We hire only the best writers.
( We’ll hire any audiophile who recognizes a pencil two out of three tries )

This is an incomplete but promising design from a talented young designer.
( The product sucks but he has some money left in his advertising budget )

This product had me pulling one record after another from my collection.
( I listened to all five of my records )

The images in the soundstage had that elusive and seductive sense of palatable presence
( I haven’t had sex since my wife left me and I’m starting to hallucinate )

This product lacks some of the subtle refinements we’ve come expect from a designer of this caliber.
( The product stinks but we don’t want to piss off this famous manufacturer )

Better than amps costing three times as much
( I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I like the amp )

This preamp is the new reference
( We aint giving it back, and we aint paying’ for it either )
syntax, that just about covers it.  The only one overlooked would be:

We've reviewed many *insert unit name and type Here*, and *this one* stands with more expensive *unit type* we've had the pleasure to experience.
(Well, it's not an utter piece of trash and their advert check didn't bounce...)

How cynical should we be? *L* Lots...;)
Nothing is future-proof.

Nothing you can buy, nothing made by man nor nature, entropy eats all.

Live it or live with it. ;)
The past ...
A good listening room will accommodate any and all systems timelessly.
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