Is anyone using Wilson Cubs with a Watch Dog?

what do you think? Any feed back would be great.
I have no experience with the Cubs/Watch Dog, but I do have experience with the following:

Watt/Puppy (mains) with Watt alone for center channel
Duettes (mains) with Watt alone for center channel

Both of these combinations I have found to be excellent. I like the Watt as a center channel speaker. It is accurate (great for voice), displays good dispersion and covers the frequency range necessary for a center channel speaker.

I am soon to add a Puppy to my Watt Center channel but have not yet done this.

Using the Watt in this purpose is both cost effective and has worked extremely well for me. I personally am using the Watt 3. You can sometimes find Watt 3 or 5s alone or in pairs. I have also contemplated using just a pair of Watts for rear speakers too, but have not yet tried this.