Is Anyone Using The Oppo 105 As A Preamp?

Is Anyone Using The Oppo 105 As A Preamp? If so, what do you think and how does it compare to your previous preamps?
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I briefly tried out my BDP105 as a preamp -- but since I am doing multichannel, I had to run the 6-channel SE outs to my Parasound Halo A51. The A51 has a reputation for sounding better when its balanced, XLR inputs are used, and this seemed to affect my results. The sound was a bit more coarse or harsh, and emphasized the high-frequency part of the spectrum. This had the immediate effect of increasing the "presence" and "air", but ultimately I didn't find it pleasant or well-balanced. (I did not experiment with the Oppo's balanced outs directly into the A51.)

So I went back to using my old Anthem AVM20 as an analogue preamp, and running its balanced outs into my Halo A51. This sounds better to my ears. The negative effect of running it through a preamp seems to be offset, in this case, by the positive influence of sending a balanced signal to this particular amp.

I am thinking, though, that I will replace the AVM20 with a Halo P7 and probably get a still cleaner, nicer signal from Oppo to amp to speakers.
I think the Oppo BDP-105 is better without a preamp. Another component out of the signal should be better, no? My McIntosh C2300 is my pride and joy, but it is used only for vinyl now as the Oppo BDP-105 runs with XLR's directly into Classe' CA-101 amp. YMMV, but try it, no preamp for me!
I have been using it for a couple weeks, running it through Bryston 4b-st for fronts, 3B bridged for center and 4b for rears all feeding Paradigm Studio 80 front & Paradigm cc series for center. I have been experimenting all kinds of 'settings' but not getting the sound I want - was using Onko SR 803 as a preamp before and to my ears the Obkyo still sounds better. Just like Larsmusik said, the sound is coarse or harsh, and emphasized the high-frequency part of the spectrum (very certainly). I am thinking of returning the unit.
I just purchased two weeks ago an OPPO 105 to replace my OPPO BD83 SE. There is no comparison to my ears right out of the box between the two units. The 105 is very close to the $10K Ayre DX5 that I owned for 6 months and sold, has usb HD and internet streaming and balanced outputs. I do not think OPPO recommends direct connection to an amplifier for optimum sound. I am using HDMI in from the satellite receiver,(wow, tv programing and streaming internet music never sounded better!) and wow what a great picture on my Panasonic HD flat panel; balanced Audience Au24e interconnects to a Ayre K5XEmp preamp same balanced cables to a Sanders Magtech amp and Au24e cables to MG1.7s with a Velodyne DDS12sub, Audience power cables and conditioner(amp is directly plugged into PS Audio outlet on a dedicated 20amp circuit. Holographic you are there sound! the OPPO 105, like the Magtech amp, are absolute audio bargains. Before you send the Oppo back, try out a high quality preamp first, like a Bryston or Ayre, and I am pretty confident you will be totally satisfied. Happy Listening!
See my experience using a bdp-105 as a preamp to my MC-2100 at All in all I agree that it needs a bit of taming down and sounds too sterile. Running through my Dared MC-7P sounds much more natural but straight to the amp via RCA cables "works" and is how my wife prefers to listen to it. She likes its ability to instantly mute commercials that the Dared cannot do.
Phil, I saw your comments regarding the 105 as a preamp. I also saw your comments regarding the unit break-in period. I wonder if the preamp section may need more time to break in time before it settles down. Just a thought.

Thanks for sharing.

Nice blog.
The volume control in the Oppo is done in the digital domain, which means that you start cutting bits to reduce the volume. The Oppo is great at many things, but being a pre-amp is not one of them.
I'm expecting the 105 tomorrow, and will be using it straight to my amps, at least initially.

Audiojan and others, check this from ESS about cutting bits to reduce volume:
>> The volume control in the Oppo is done in the digital domain, which means that you start cutting bits to reduce the volume. <<

You are wrong. The Oppo starts with 32 bits internally, so you can toss away 8 bits before you even start to truncate the signal....