Is anyone using the Decware gizmo to tame Lowthers

Just curious if anyone uses The Decware gizmo to tame either Lowther or AER drivers it is said to remove the slight emphasis in the frequency range of 2Khz. I didn't see them on the decware sight so wondering if they are still avaiablel? Thanks Jessie91
I have used them for years. They do reduce the 2khz peak and also increase bass performance. I use them with PM2A's. Do not know if still available
Yes I use them and they work great in a modified Medallion 2 cabinet with DX4's. They are still available from Decware. Go to the first page and click on Master Catalog and scroll to GIZMO and GIZGUTS. I believe the GIZGUTS are $100 and the finished Gizmo is $200.