Is Anyone using the Aurender add to library feature?

Aurender Music Servers have the ability move Tidal and QoBuz streaming content to your local library.  I tested this with 5 QoBuz albums, and it works.   The Add to Library feature needs to be done on each album (see below).  In other words, as per Aurender, "the "Add to Library" works as a tool to help you curate a vast personalized music library AND it helps blur the line between local content and streaming content".

Aurender provides the "select multiple" button to select up to 10 albums at a time and then use "add to my library" to add them all to your personal Aurender music library in one large batch.  I am unable to determine how this works.  I found the "add to library tab" but do not know how to select the 10 albums to move.  Has anyone done this?   If yes, please explain how to select the 10 albums.

The "Add to Library" feature does NOT download music files to your Aurender storage. Instead, it downloads LINKS to those files, which are added to your library like bookmarks or directories to the streaming content.

Obviously, this may be a little tedious at first to add all your favorites to your library, but once you have done that, you can just get in the habit of using the "add to my library" function moving forward as you acquire new favorites.  Once content is added to your library, you can browse by all the standard filters that are available for browsing your local library.   This means all my stored albums and streaming content will be in the correct sort sequence.  This is a big plus for me.  

To be honest, I am on the fence and cannot decide if I should or should not do this.  I do not know if I want my local library and streaming content combined together.  I agree that this feature does solve my album sorting issue.  I am thinking about it since it is interesting.  

Is anyone using the Aurender add to library feature?   How do you like your main library combined with your streaming content?  Any recommendations?

I was on the fence similar to you, and had already added all my favorites to my local library. But in the end I decided it was too much work to be worth it. After all, if I’d already found the title and decided to favorite it, searching for it isn’t as important to me. When I search, I’m looking for new stuff I haven’t already found.  Also, I decided I’d rather keep my library separate instead of all mixed together.  But if it makes things easier for you, go for it!  
PS: I love that Conductor shows the back cover, and even flips front to back to front again when selecting an album to play (if it has back cover art).
@rockrider, Thanks for the information. Based on my current thinking, I also prefer to KEEP my libraries separate and not all combined together. For some reason, I like my streaming favorites to be together and not mixed in with everything else. I do not know why this is but it is what I prefer.   Your post was very helpful since it helped me decide.

I agree it is too much work since all the streaming favorites needs to be added to the library and I prefer not to take the time to do this.

Thanks again.
I select QoBuz and select the first album in the row.  I hit the three … and the popup appears.   I select multiple and the content of the album I selected appears on the screen.  

The Aurender demo shows that AFTER select multiple is hit, the screen returns to the main album list for making the album selection.   After I hit select multiple, the screen display does NOT allow me to select the 5 albums I want to move to my library.

The demo is showing EXACTLY what I want to happen but the App is not taking me to the right place after I hit Multiple.   Am I missing something?   Is there a settings I need to set for this work? I am using an Apple iPad that also has updated IOS software.  All my software is current including the Conductor App.  

This is probably something stupid I am doing but I do not know what.    Has anyone done this?

I also emailed Aurender Customer Support and am waiting for their response.   Thanks ..  
Aurender Owners: Please select an album and then the 3 ... Then hit the select multiple and the main menu should appear for albums to be selected for moving to your library.

When I hit the multiple, it displays the content of the album I had originally selected. It does NOT allow me to select albums for moving to my library.

Can someone please test this on their Aurender and post the results. Thanks.

I am waiting for Aurender Customer Support to respond.
Hi h,
Don’t mess with the three dots button. Works smoother to do a long touch on the first album to get the pop-up menu. Then touch the “select multiple” button to enable multiple selection mode. Now you can short touch up to 9 more albums. They will highlight as you short touch them. Do a long touch on the last selection to get the pop-up menu allowing the “add to library” function. Good luck!
Just discovered that using the three dots button after selecting an album allows you to pick multiple individual tracks within the album, but not more albums. 
@rockrider, You are a genius!   Thank you very much.  You saved the day.

I tested what you said above and it works perfectly.   It does exactly what I need it to do.  I will start moving my QoBuz album favorites to my library on Friday.   Thanks again.  Your extra efforts are appreciated.     Howard  
@rockrider,  Thanks again.  I just emailed Aurender Customer Support and suggested they update their manuals, etc. with the above information.  Great job.  
I moved all my Qobuz albums to my main library in groups of 10. The process went faster than I expected. 

In my main library, I hit all and all my albums appear, including stored Cd’s and Qobuz favorites. I hit streaming and only the streaming albums appear. I hit etc and only the stored CD’s appear.
The best news, for me, is everything is in the correct alpha sequence.

After the move, go to the settings screen, scanner tab and press scan for Newly added files. The process takes several minutes to update the database. It will notify you when it is finished.