Is anyone using Signal Cable interconnects/cables?

How do these sound compared to Synergistic Research Alpha series, Siltech Paris series, Nordost Blue Heaven, etc. I have a hybrid preamp and solid state amp.

What about their speaker cables?
I was satisfied enough after using Signal Cable interconnects and speaker cables that I did not bother to look any further. In my various systems, I had previously used Radio Shack Gold Interconnects; IXOS Gamma interconnects and speaker cables; Better Cables interconnects; and AV Cable speaker cables. I felt that the Better Cables and IXOS SILVER Gamma interconnects were really good and were comparable to the Signal Cable interconnects ... but the prices on the Signal are just better.

Cables are also very system dependent and I am still not sure how certain measurements (like DC resistance) fit in, because they do seem to vary amongst the different manufacturers. What may help the discussion is for you to tell us what components you will be using with the cables.

Regards, Rich
I have. I found that Signal Cable is an interim step in the cable hierarchy. Certainly better than Monster and everything below it. Probably the best value in the Signal line is the Power Cord. I have also used the digital cable. I used the PC as a subwoofer cable with great success. Initially, I used it on my B&K receiver but when I jumped to a higher end PC ( Synergistic Research Master AC active @ 6 times the cost), I noticed how compressed the sound was with the Signal Cable, so on the sub it went. The digital cable replaced a Vampire Wire cable and provided more detail. It was replaced with a Synergistic Research Reference Corridor and ultimately with BEL-the Wire (which I now use for all interconnects). As good as Signal Cable is for the price and Frank is an outstanding guy to deal with (he's very honest about the sound of his cables and whether they will provide the sound you're looking for), you just have to do your own comparisons. Rich is correct about cables being system dependent. That's why we have thousands to choose from. Cables, as much as anything, have a land of diminishing returns (when is a $500.00 cable just another tweak?) I've found that $200.00 BEL-the Wire I/C's sound better than the $600.00 Synergistic Research I was using with my system. However, I still use SR speaker cables because they match my Tannoys better(richer, fuller sound). If it's about money, give the Signal Cables a try, they're still comparable or a step up from much of what's on the market.
Every cable in my system was done by Signal Cable. I purchased many of my cables prior to Frank founding Signal Cable. Frank is very knowledgable and takes pride in the fact he can provide excellent quality products at affordable prices. I can wholeheartedly recommend Signal Cables if you want audiophile quality that does not break the bank.
I was very satisfied with Signal Cable Analog 2's being between my CD and integrated amp. I must say, however, that after replacing them with a pair of Zu cable Oxyfuels, I was able to hear a big improvement in sound. And this is from a bit of a "cable skeptic". Sound got a lot more bass, and more detailed. I suppose this is to be expected given their price points.
I have tried the SignalCables extensively and have compared them to much more expensive cables. I find them every bit as good and in some ways better than the more expensive brands.

What a few of the above folks fail to realize is that there is a great synergy among the various types of SignalCables when used throughout a system. If you only try one or two types, then it is very likely that you are missing most of the magic this line is capable of providing.

Indeed, when I randomly threw in the speaker cables, interconnects, and power cords (swapped in and out, one at a time), the improvements were minimal or were a step backwards. However, when I put in the power cords, then the speaker cables, and then the interconnects all at the same time, there was an order of magnitude improvement across the board. I also had great luck with their digital AC cord, digital coax, and interconnects in another system.

Inserting the interconnects by themselves seemed to be a backward step in that system. But when I put in the digital coax, then the digital AC cord, and then reinstalled the Analog Two interconnects, there was a tremendous improvement.

So SignalCables may or may not work well with your existing cable products; but they work fantastic when partnered with other SignalCables. At least, that was my experience.

I like them so much, I use them in both my 2-channel systems now. I find them extremely dynamic, detailed, and well-balanced. At their price, I find them absolutely astounding.

Some of my other cables include Sonoran interconnects and speaker cables, and Harmonic Technology Magic One interconnects.
For the price, Plato's cable synergy theory is certainly something to look into. However, I personally find belief in the "all the same cable" synergy theory a bit of marketing hype. Cables have specific sound fingerprints as do components. Neither is really neutral. So consider that a speaker which has a bright sound could sound even brighter (harsh) with the wrong cables. Cables also soundstage differently. I've listened to cables that place the vocalist behind the drumset and others which have the same vocalist in my lap. Some accentuate certain frequencies. One size fits all is not a synergistc approach. Having all components sound their best as one system is actual synergy.

I tried an analog two between tube pre and solid state power amp,worked much better than audioquest coral.But AC coral worked better between cd and preamp.I liked signal cable enough that Ill be ordering there power cables soon, will update at later date,,
In both of the Signal reviews (I think they were positive feedback and Stereo TImes, but I may be wrong) they both commented on just how great the synergy of an all-signal system was. Of course, opinions vary about how much reviewers are affected by marketing.
I use both the ics and low cost speaker cables in my tube based system and found them shocking good for the price. Lower midrange is outstanding and a nice balanced sound. Not zippy and a very good price. Has me itiching to try them up against the heavy hitters but haven had the time.