Is anyone using sand boxes under their speakers ?

That is, with good results ? I just purchased a new couch that is 4" taller than my old couch was. I'm now 4" higher than the ideal on axis seating location. I've read Brightstar Audio's articles about their simple 2" tall boxes filled with sand, with a plinth riding on top, that is used under speakers to kill vibrations.
Being skeptical of manufacturer's claims, I find myself wondering if anyone here has personal experience with this ? If it works well, it would cure most of my new seating axis issues.
I had a pair of Brightstar's BigRocks under my Dynaudio Contour 5.4's for quite awhile, but then found better use for them, one under my turntable, the other under my uni-disc player, where they actually made a discernable difference. At least in my situation, yours may vary. Solid maple risers would be just as, or more expensive than the BigRock's. I've heard of folks using solid Granite with excellent results claimed. Maybe you can do some experiments using different materials to see what works best.

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I would consider a Sistrum Stand. The SP-1 would raise the speaker up maybe 4 inches (check thier site or Talk with Robert, who can assemble the size cones you'd need.

The sound quality will most likely improve as well.
Damn you Timtim! Now I have another DIY project to schedule.
Seriously though, I raised my speakers up a nearly 3 inches with some plinths made from MDF, spiked to the floor with sorbothane pads on top. The results with both Thiel CS-1.6s and Meadowlark Audio Kestrels was very positive.
I raised my Hales Rev 3s using concrete pavers (12" x 12") which I painted black. Under each are four hockey pucks. The Hales with spikes sit on top. Not only did i raise them up where I wanted, the bass response tightened up as well. And the cost was well... cheap.
All of my components are sitting on Brightstar platforms except for my power amp. However, I have never used the platforms as speaker stands. Mapleshade records sells maple speaker stands, but they are a little pricey.

If you are interested in maple stands, I would consider just purchasing a pair of 3-4 inch maple cutting boards for a lot less than Mapleshade. I am actually using one for my power amp with excellent results. Checkout this web site:
I quit putting my speakers in sand boxes years ago. Every cat in the neighborhood was in there with them.
Thanks for the responses. I'm going to go ahead and make some sand boxes and see just what happens. I'll report back in this thread in a week or so. I've never read a single negative thing about Brightstar Audio's products, so I can't really imagine things changing for the worse, and they are all about sand filled isolation devices.
PS: No cats allowed !
I once had bookshelves sitting on plastic crates crammed full of journal articles - was strapped for space at the time, hence the dual function, storage and speaker stands. Sounded great.