Is anyone using REL subwoofers with BAT tubed amp?

I have been unable to use my two REL Strata III subs with my new (used) BAT VK 75 SE amp. Is there any special connection trick, or do I need to get warranty work done? The same subs worked fine with my McIntosh tubed amp. REL dealer and Sumiko rep have no suggestions except warranty return. Thanks.
What is wrong with it that needs repaired??
What is the problem otherwise???
Since you've already tried connecting the subs to a different amp, were both hooked to the speaker terminals on the BAT amp using the Neutrik cable supplied with the RELs? Is this how they were connected to the McIntosh amp?
From BAT web site: "... it incorporates all-triode zero-feedback topology, fully balanced operation...." As I remember, REL has a method for connecting a balanced high level input that would need to be followed. Alternatively, try line level inputs from your preamp (assuming you have one). Personally I prefer the line level input despite the manual (and other) recommendations for amp connection.
Thanks for responding. Now, answering these three responses: The problem with the subs is they simply will not play. When connected to both the BAT and McIntosh amp, I used the Neutrik cable that is supplied with the RELs. The subs worked with the Mac, but not the BAT. I don't believe my BAT VK 30 preamp has line level inputs...or does it and I just don't recognize them under that name? Thanks again.
Hi there,

Which REL sockets did you use to connect your BAT?

If you want to use the VK-75SE's output, as recommended by REL, then you'll need to use the REL supplied cable, between your 75SE speaker sockets and the REL's UNBALANCED Hi INPUT.

If you would prefer to use your VK-30s output then you'll need a balanced XLR terminated cable of appropriate length to connect the VK-30's Line out to REL's BAL LO INPUT.


Hi Steve.

I set up the sub in the manner suggested by REL which is using the Neutrik connector plugged into the high unbalanced imput. I have a second, matching sub that is undergoing warranty service. Sumiko has suggested when they get my second sub operating properly that I use the balanced high inputs on both subs as my CD player, pre amp, and amp are all BAT produts with balanced interconnects.

Using the Neutrik connector, I can see how to use the unbalanced (and balanced) high imputs on the sub, but I don't know how to use xlr outputs from the preamp to the sub as you describe. The sub has no xlr imputs...only Neutrik high imputs (balanced and unbalanced) and RCA low imput connectors. Can you clarify for me? I'd like to try your suggestion.

Thanks. Jim
Hi Jim,

I just reviewed the Strata III manual on the REL website and see that this particular model does not have the low level XLR input for use with a balanced pre-amp output.

This leaves only the high level inputs or some sort of adaptor or special cable to convert the pre-amp's balanced xlr output to the sub's single ended RCA input. While the latter is possible I would have thought that the high level input would be preferable.
I agree the high level imput is the desirable way to connect this sub to my system. The sub has worked fine until I introduced the BAT amp. It may be coincidental that it went out at the same time I bought a new amp. Over this long weekend I'm going to test the sub on the amp that it worked with previously and take it from there. Thanks for your help.