Is anyone using LAST?

Has anyone used LAST (record preservative) and if so, what are your thoughts? I used it years ago, before I got out of vinyl, and don't remember having any problems. Since getting back into vinyl (about 3 years now) I've started using it again.
In Stereophile, a few issues ago, someone wrote Fremer and said LAST was messing up their LP's.
Well, I am not using it now, but used the cleaner and preservative on all my LPs back in the 80's/90's. And everyone of them that I used it on, even those that had not been played in 12 years or more, have been fine (still quiet and sound fine). In other words, no problems for me.
I've never had a problem with LAST record preservative messing up an LP, and I used to use it regularly with probably 2000 LPs treated over the years.

However, since upgrading my turntable/tonearm combination and switching to Disc Doctor and now Walker Audio Prelude cleaning solution, I've stopped using it. After cleaning with Prelude, if I add LAST I now hear a slight sonic signature from the LAST that is not objectionable, but that I'd just as soon not have. Still, I've never experienced LAST preservative "messing up" an LP.
Used records I have purchased that have had a LAST treatment are the quietest, and best preserved LPs I have found used.
I've been using it for a few months without any problems. Though this hardly constitutes scientific evidence in favor of LAST, Fremer has a note at the end of his September column, indicating that he's heard from a number of people reporting no ill effects. As I recall, the initial complainant said his LAST-treated records sounded fine on his system but seemed lifeless when he played them on a friend's system that was more highly resolving -- interesting, but would this necessarily indicate that the LAST must be the problem? Seemed to me that he was jumping to conclusions.
I have been using LAST since the early 80's and have had no problems whatsoever. My record surfaces are extremely quiet with no signs of wear - I am a firm believer in LAST.

The person who claims that LAST is "messing up their albums" is either not using it correctly or has a more serious underlying problem.
I used it in the 80s and can tell no difference from untreated albums
I 'USED' LAST.. but no more. I just got into vinyl less than 4 months ago and LAST was the first cleaning system that I bought. I bought the vinyl cleaner+preservative, and also the stylus cleaner+preservative.

But I found that in my system, the the LAST preservative make my vinyl sounding dull and roll-off.

So I have stop using the preservative, I still use the stylus cleaner though. As for vinyl cleaning, I have switched to Audio Intelligent 3-step solutions.