Is anyone thinking about building Walsh drivers?

I'm hoping to start a discussion that is not charged with emotion that may be useful to folks seeking to build Walsh transmission line drivers.
Any of you out there played with this seriously?
I just heard the tls 5 dale is talking about. I'm fortunate to be in Cleveland and to get to hear them. They are some of the clearest speakers I've ever heard. Plus some how he was able to crossover with no audiable issues. I a/b'd them with the big brother tls4 and they do hold there own. obviously the tls4 has better bass but my god these are amazing and truely compact in size. I ordered a set on the spot. I also have his tls4's. My wife will like the smaller size for the den and now I can move the tls4's to my bigger living room where they really belong. Beleive me you won't be sorry if you pick up a set of these for a smaller room.
Dear Sir,
My name is Stefan Wesolowski. I live in FT Worth, TX USA my mobile 703 499 6236. I have an original working MINT pair of Lincoln Walsh OHM "A" speakers.
I know of only 5 other persons on this planet that have a working pair. I would like to join your search for more info regarding the OHM A's.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Hi Stefan,
Your search is over, IMHO. I beleive I can provide you with whatever you seek regarding the True Walsh speakers.

My mane is Dale Harder and I own and operate HHR Exotic Speakers in Cleveland Ohio. Our product line, the TLS series, 1, 2, 4, and 5 pick up where the old A, F and G, left off.

We can even re-manufacture the originals and bring them up to state of the art specs, almost as good as our TLS line.

Check us out at or give me a call at 440-888-02163.

I would be happy to help you.

BTW, you can see one of our systems and some of our products here on A-gon under virtual systems, ever evolving, page 2, "My Walsh Dream"

Kind regards,
Dale Harder
Is anyone still bothering to look at this thread?

I've been tinkering with DIY Walsh 'clones' and would be happy to trade thoughts, asides, and whatever else comes to mind in the process
...nothing but the sound of crickets in the night...

Well, anyway...if you're curious...