Is anyone out there using the Lector 0.5T?

I went to a dealer in NYC to auditon the Arcam 73t v. the Rega Planet. While I was there the dealer played the Lector 0.5 (not the model that was reviewed in TAS) and I was intrigued with the analogue like sound.

I originally bugeted about $1K for a cd player; the Lector is about $1,700. Does anyone have experience with this player e.g. reliability issues, peculiarities, likes, dislikes. Thanks
I auditioned one of the first units available in the US in my system earlier this year. It did sound good for the price. My buddy purchased, & owned the CES show bigger brother. I would buy a Lector dac in a heartbeat if the price was right. Our dislikes where the transport, & acrylic construction. The acrylic isn't even machined on the edges, it's heat-rolled. The sides, back, & top of the unit are tip top quality construction! The face, buttons, toggle switches, & the Dell Computer cd loading tray had me worried. As the 0.5T made me feel as the next cd I played would be it's LAST? I don't even want to speak of the remote. Let's say it reminded me of my Grandmothers 1984 Zenith console 25" tv's remote. Now last I heard Lector couldn't keep up with the demand, & they may be made by Shanling, or Xindak so maybe things changed??? Just my 2 cents!
I wanted to hear one at my local dealer. But it keep skipping on every cd. Now this could just be an isloated issue. But as noted above, the transport is of "questionable" suitability.