Is anyone making a great input tube now?

We really are all tired I'm sure, of paying ridiculous prices for NOS Telefunken, Mullard, Amperex etc.We have read claims by Soviet and Chinese manufacturers to the effect that the sound of current production has equalled or exceeded past industry giants. Has anyone come across any truth to this?
So far, to these ears at least, it seems all hot air sonically and also as far as long term reliability is concerned. But I've neither tried all nor the latest. So thanks Frap for starting this thread, I am just as keen to know more as you are!
My experience has been that the newer (chinese) sound great initially, but their life expectancy is much shorter than good NOS
Chinese tubes have good gain but they last about as long as a firecracker. try the new sovtek lps (long plate, spiral filament). Kevin Deal at upscale Audio has some very nice NOS.