Is anyone know about the Odyssey Eng.tone Arm

I have a complete set of Odyssey Engineer Tone Arm model RPI-XG any information about this arm history value when it was new and how old and hopefully what is the rating thanks
I bought one new in about 82 or 83, they were around $1000 if memory serves me. It's a RP1-XG, Made in Scottland? Very unusual looking contraption. Huge arm tube and thick massive head shell, brushed silver finish with gold plated counter weights that are set low to keep the center of mass below the pivot point. They were very well reviewed at the time. Try to find an Absolute Sound review, I think they claimed it to be state of the art or something close. They are a trick to set up even for someone like myself who has lots of experience, and for those who don't they can pose a real challenge. I remember it sounded wonderful. The system consisted of the Odyssey on a SOTA, with a Grado Signature, into an ARC SP8, powered by a Robertson 4010(my last soild state amp), running Kindel Phantoms. Anyone else remember any of that stuff other than of course the SP8, the Grado and the SOTA?