Is anyone familir with Era Design?

I am looking for a small surround system for my bedroom, I listened to Era Design 4 which I really liked. Does anyone have any other speaker recommendations for a very small, high end 5.1 system, thanks
I have also heard the Design 4's, I thought they were awesome most especially for their size - I don't think there is a non-sub speaker out there that sounds this good, or looks that good for that matter - they are unbelievable little speakers and very well finished from what I could see, beautiful wood grain laminates. I don't think you will find a better small speaker - end your search with these and I am sure you will be happy for a long time.
I own a pair of D5 after comparing both D4 and D5. They sounds great. I would suggest you to buy a pair of D5 for your front channels while D4 for your rear channels. Especially when you are only listening to music, don't use the sub.
Chetlo, why did you choose the D5 over the D4? Also do they play loud without strain or compression? Also why do you say not to use the sub?
The D5 has a fuller sound due to better bass response. Actually they sound very simular in the mid and high range, D4 might has a bit sharper image ... What I fell is the sub was not response fast enough and muddy the overall sound qulity. The bass of D5 is sufficient for my as I mainly listen to classical music.
Thanks Chetlo. I'm surprised about the sub. I expected that a sealed 10" sub with a 300W amp would sound fast. Have you heard the D3 and the LCR speakers? Also what electronics do you use and what other small speakers did you audition?