Is anyone familiar with the Edgarhorn Slimline?

I've read some good things but have not heard them. Does anyone out there have a pair? How do they compare to Klipschorns, Single driver horns, etc.?
They are VERY involving and a great speaker for the price. Some type of bass enhancement is probably a must. It would be real interesting to hear these with the VBT subwoofer.
Thanks for responding to my inquiry about the Edgarhorn Slimline Wellfed. When you say "involving" what do you mean. Do they sound dramatically different than say a Thiel speaker or a similarly priced JM Labs and did you hear them with tubes. Is it possible to use them with a low powered solid state and still get acceptable results.
And are they able to play louder than Lowther based systems? Not that I listen at really high volumes but you know sometimes one just gets the urge. Any input is appreciated.
I don't know the answer to the Lowther comparison. They certainly played loud enough for my tastes (I like music pretty loud too). As for the "involving" comment, I would say that is probably due to the dynamic contrasts that a horn loudspeaker offers. Engaging my be a better word. The Slimline demo I heard gave me the impression that they are a very good horn implementation. They are not as good as Edgarhorn's own Titan system or some other horn systems I've heard, but they are nowhere near as costly either. My brother, who shares my intereste in audio, but not to the degree that he would spend the same kind of money I do, really, really liked the Slimline's, and will perhaps purchase a pair someday. My exposure to Thiel loudspeakers is limited to a showroom, but my own preference is the horns. I think they are dramatically different from one another. I have never heard any of the JM Labs. I would think you could pair the Slimline's with SS amps, I have no expertise to offer you any help. I know someone running the same loudspeakers I use with Pass Aleph's 3's and is very happy with the results and he has used the same tube amp's I use successfully with his speakers.