Is anyone familiar with TDL Compact speakers?

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I have been offered a set of TDL Compact speakers. A small two way with metal dome tweeter. They come with what looks like Sound Anchor stands. Is anyone familiar with this model? Any guidance and insight is appreciated. Thanks.
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Well, I had listened to a pair of small stand-mounted TDLs many years ago -- so yours may not be the same pedigree speaker.
Have you listened to LS3/5A? If so, the TDL are slightly more bloated in their bottom (~90Hz) & the upper mids. They provide a better sense of volume than the bbc & some more extension at both ends of their freq response. IIRC, those TDLs were back ported.

OTOH, I really don't remember what amp we used on them. I had two tubes & one ss back then (I also had a pair of Rodgers ls3/5a -- hence the comparison).

BTW, Marty, if you're being "offered" these speakers, wouldn't it be impolite to do anything else but accept???
a descendant of imf, the tdl line was very good. a transmission line design, that is not unlike pmc.
Gregm, offered for sale, but not very expensive. And I don't want to buy them if I am not going to enjoy them. Jaybo, they are 6 inch two ways, bass reflex, not the larger, floor standing transmission line designs like the IMFs. Thanks to all.
Geez, I just went to hear these speakers and I am sorry that I even posted. A waste of everyone's time. They are very thin in the midbass to name just one of the problems. Left hand of the piano has not power or breath. Time has passed these babys by, as have I.