Is Anyone Familiar with Spectral DMA-180 Power Amp

Does anyone can tell me more regarding Spectral DMA-180 power amp. i currently own the ARC SP11mk2 preamp, Avalon
speaker, Gold Eclipse interconnect and XLO type5 speaker
cable. Do i have to use Spectral preamp and MIT cable to match my system? Any comment would be appreciate.
get preamp for the best matches. my friend also has 1 set of PMA180+pre forgot model. Hes also using Avalon speaker.
Both your SP11 as well as the Spectral amp are excellent products, however they don't match particularly well in my experience. Either get a tube amp, which would also match well with your wires or sell the SP11 and make it a full Spectral system with MIT wires. Just my 2 cents....Cheers,
We would be happy to discuss the Spectral DMA 180 amplifier with you. We are an authorized Spectral dealer. You can call us @1.800.838.1812.

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Terry Menacker