Is anyone familiar with Pluto tonearms?

I recently stumbled across Pluto gear and I wonder if anyone has experience wtih it.

I remember some reviews years ago who were lyrical about their turntables and arms, but I very much couldn't afford their stuff. And even though I live in Holland I never see any of their products for sale, new or secondhand. That might be a good thing, or not :)...
Only with the price. EXPENSIVE!!
yes, they are beautifully built, and soundwise they are top notch, and if you need a comparison, they eat an SME V at breakfast, a Triplanar at lunch, and most of the others at dinner. The gimbal Pluto tonearms, like 8A, can be regarded as Breuers with lots of power. The 4C, a unipivot, on the other hand could be bettered by a Graham, in my opinion. Though I cannot comment on the current unipivot, the 2A, because I have listened to it not at home, only at shows. The unipivots seem to be derivations of the Hadcock tonearms.

In the end, I preferred a Schroeder to my Pluto tonearms, even on the Pluto 10A deck, which I once had.

Though, if you find a gimbal Pluto tonearm s/h for a reasonable price, it should be worth trying.

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