Is anyone familiar with LaHave Audio Thermopylae?

I am picking up a pair and was wondering what others impressions are for this model. Thanks for taking the time.
Take care to not hurt your back.
Read my current review of the Lahave Khara speaker. The Khara has a Raal tweeter instead of the Jordan.

Best speaker I have ever owned.
This is one of those brands that I too was really interested in and curious about, a small manufacturer out of Nova Scotia that has been in business 25+ years yet little is known. People who's ears I trust rave about them. Now this thread has renewed my curiosity to somehow hear one of the Lahave's.
Great review of the Khara. The brand was recommended to me by Allan Baghan and works very well with Berning amps. I have a ZH270 modified. I also currently have Coincident speakers though not the model you had. I know I'm not buying the latest model but I know it will still sound amazing. Thanks much for the information.
I will let you know my impressions once I have them in my listening room. I should have them sometime next week.
Thanks bopo, I look forward to your impressions. It was Allan that first brought them to my attention too. I also have the zh270.
Allan is a great guy. I have appreciated his advice and expertise over the years.

I have modified the ZH270 by bypassing the volume pot, adding Stillpoints standoffs to the circuit board, silver wire upgrade, cap upgrade and bypassed the A/B switch. I don't have the Stillpoints feet yet but that is next. It is a great amp and the only other amp I will buy is another Berning.

I am going to purchase the mono version of the ZH230 class A amp as soon as I can. My only concern with that is how it will mate with a 90db speaker.