Is anyone familiar with Ixos cables?

I found Ixos cables at half price. I am using Wireworld Solstace ic's but neeed 3 more and they are discontinued. Should I go for 3 more Wireworld cables of a different series or should I get the Ixos? I'm looking at Ixos 1003 which was comparatively priced to the Wireworld.They do have a silver series 1001 which i could do if it would make a great improvement over my existing cables. I am not familiar with the issues of silver vs others. I need about 6-7 of them. As always your opinions are appreciated
I have the ixos ixotica. I bought this cable after a friend brought over his siltechs 38 and ftm3 gen3 I believe they were. I loved especially the ftm3 and he claimed this ixotica gave about 90% of the ftm3. I was using van den hul 1st, 2nd and nordost red dawn. At Peak audio, here in Halifax, he demoed the ixotica against my van den huls...the system was ear preamp, moon-3amp, and martin logans..arcam cd 23model..the ixotica made my favourite van den huls sound as if they were playing in a closet and the door was closed. That is the best way to describe it. Both the ixos ixotica and siltech f3 gen3 infused my home system in the same manner....more everything, including sheer boggie factor. It seemed to energize my system.....ummm, very interesting, and easy to live with....I use the ixos ixotica on the cd and I'm using a acoustic zen matrix reference on amp to preamp. Speaker wire is zen satori and the sytem is SS. Again, everything is synergy and YOU MUST TRY before you buy for the very best match.. that is one thing I learned the hard way. Also, I was able to use Joe Posiak's keen ear for cables. He ownes the sitlech and demoed the ixos. I believe the ixos and zens compliment each other in my system. PS. The cheaper ixos cables are, I believe, not comparable to the ixotica...different designs, if I rememeber correctly....Hope I haven't confused you too much....cheers, Lloyd
I have heard both I prefer the Wireworld.I bought Coincident IC.They are the best IC I have heard.
Yoh, Leafs? Which Ixos model did you listen to? The siltech f3g3 is better but I haven't compared my ixos ixotica to the acoustic zen yet. Glad you like the Coincident IC. Canadian company, eh? I haven't heard them, only their reputation and reviews. So the leafs made it to the second round. cheers, Bluenose...Go Leafs, Go!
Bluenose, Are you saying it is ok to mix cables? I thought the concenses opinion was to match cables, however this may be my misunderstanding. The 1001's that I spoke of are a model below the Ixotica which are the Gamma Master Connect
The IXOS silver series averaged a 4 out of 5 stars by What Hi Fi and Hi Fi Choice (2 British magazines). I have been using them in an ADCOM AMP/PREAMP/TUNER (circa 1990); AR302 (circa 1995); and a SONY ES CD PLAYER (circa 1998) set-up and am very happy with their overall smoothness and clarity.
Artemus. You have to try what works in your own system. Some cables do work their best in a family setup. What I'm saying is the acoustic zen and ixos ixotica work very well together in my system. Now this mix may not work in yours. I believe you can mix cables if you like the each his own....cables are such an unknown,really. When you find happiness stop may be all one brand...if so, great.....if not..don't worry about it as long as you can kick back and enjoy the music....cheers, Bluenose... Consensus can be a good thing as long as we remain open to adds to the fun
Bluenose I tried the 1001 and a model above them cant remember the name.
I demo'ed Ixos Gamma 6002 Bi-wire Cable with my all-Linn system and it really brought things to life. I ended up getting Linn K400 but I am still curious as to whether the Ixos may have sounded better - never had them both at the same time. It was the Ixos that first convinced me that wire can actually make an audible difference.
Yes I am familiar with these cables, the exotica (their top of the line). Overall I liked the Harmonic Tech in my system better though the Ixos had their virtues, they didn't reveal the inner harmonic detail of the music in the same manner as the HT. I think their lower priced cables were quite good for the money. I really like their ceramic encased connectors, nice touch.