Is Anyone Else Not Being Able to Stay Logged in?

Ever since the recent upgrade AudiogoN did, I can't stay logged in. I click the "Stay logged in box", however after a few hours I have to log in again. I like to stay logged in 24/7 and never had this problem before the upgrade. Anybody else?
It logs me out when I switch between the forums and the sales site. 
Every morning when I come back on my main PC, it does this, however in all fairness it has done this to me on this PC for a long time, way before the "update".
I suspect it could be more likely browser, operating system related.

On my android phone running Samsung internet browser and my ipad running Safari browser I stay logged in always.

My main PC is Win10 and Edge browser, this logs me out every night.
Same here, logging me out, over the last two days. 

Same here as well, but now it's working like it's supposed to.
Just now got chucked out after posting. 

Post got wiped out. 


Kind of annoying after typing diligently your feedback,eh?
It's expiring my session very quickly, as well.  Irritating...
Happening to me too, just figured they had their nuff of me.
No problem here, but the sales side hasn't updated since yesterday afternoon?
If I walk away from my IPad ( I’m using Safari) for an hour with Agon open,I come back and I’m logged out. Great upgrade!
Very interesting that it is affecting different members in different ways.
My iPad and Android phone are rock solid.
Just my PC doing it.
Definitely browser related.
I actually run two browsers on my phone.
Samsung browser is keeping me logged in.
Google Chrome is logging me out every time I leave the page and do something else on the phone.
it happens to me a lot since the upgrade

It’s all screwed up
Funny you should ask. I have to log in each time I visit this site. It used to keep me logged in automatically. I blamed my wife, but I'm rethinking it now that I have read this thread.
I’m experiencing the same thing..
I must always login. Most other programs I stay logged in regardless. 
Yes I'm having the same issue.  Also the new today doesn't seem to be listing ads as they are posted.  Is has something like 750 ads and it's not that much many redundancies.  
I am staying logged in but the most recent ad is Sept 7th as far I can tell.
I left the agon page open on my iPad overnight,and low and behold,I was still logged in!!!! Good things do happen! 
Nope still logging me out every night, I think they are trying to tell me something, what ya think?

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I have to agree that both Chrome and Safari are still problematic in staying signed in on my iPad and Android phone.

Edge on my win10pc does seem to be keeping me logged in now though.
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