Is anyone else enjoying Monsoon desktop planars?

My desktop setup: IBM Thinkpad (with XP, WMP, and ASIO4ALL) > Trends DAC UD-10 via USB > Monsoon MM-2000. (While the MM-2000 is a 4.1, I use only the front planars and the woofer.)

My computer audio system is so simple. No interconnects. No changing CDs. I no longer have to deal with room acoustics; I can adjust speaker toe in & placement by just reaching out my arm!

(My previous system: Conrad Johnson MV-60 tube amp with NOS tubes, Creek passive preamp, Totem Arro's, Totem cabling, Scott 310-E tuner, Rega Apollo.)

I am wondering what setup others are utilizing with their Monsoon planars?
I once had the Monsoon MM1000(?) it had four planars with a subwoofer and it was absolute killer. If anyone has a chance to find one .... grab it.
I acquired a pair of these with the subwoofer a few years back. I ended up using them with my TV. I'm not into home theater (not a big action movie fan) but they certainly do a much nicer job than the speakers that came with the TV. No way are they a substitute for my main 2 channel setup but great for their current use.

(I do some audio mixing and other work on my computer system so use a pair of Spendor SP3/1Ps on my desktop for that work.)
I use the MM-2000 in stereo on my computer - hence 2 extra speakers. Absolutely love them!