Is anyone driving Magnepan MMGs with a tube amp?

I'm thinking of using a Jolida 302B to drive a pair of Magnepan MMGs? It's a smaller size room and I listen to mainly jazz and classical at less than loud volume. I may add a sub later. Will it work?

Thanks -
I can only relate my own experienc with MMGs and tubes. I'm
using a pair of Quicksilver kt-88s to drive the MMGs. I do use a sub with a high pass filter which eliminates the lower frequencies from the MMGs. I listen to jazz,classic rock, new age, etc. My room is about 13x15 and then opens up to the kitchen. This effectivey increases my room dimensions to 13x24. I listen at about 80-90db and that sounds loud enough for me. I would say a sub is essential, and the sound quality is, to me, terrific. I'm using an Opera Consonance pre-amp and AES phono pre-amp, all purchased through audiogon, except the MMGs. My previous speakers were Acoustats driven by a Parasound hca2200 and the Quicksilvers. I retired my Acoustats and Parasound to the bedroom (I have a big bedroom) and couldn't be happier with both combos. The MMGs are a much easier load than the Acoustats, which dropped below 2 ohms at higher frequencies, not to mention their fairly severe phase angle.

Don't mean to ramble on, but to answer your question, with you musical tastes and room size I believe it will work fine. The kt88s are rated at 60 watts per channel.
As long as you're realistic about maximum volume, and as long as you treasure quality over quantity, your MMG's will sound warm and sweet driven by the JoLida. It won't be the last word in dynamics, but then you already knew that.

I'm a JoLida dealer, and Maggie fan (and former MMG owner). I'm using a JoLida 302B in my bedroom system right now.
I used an Anthem Amp1 (40 wpc tube) to drive a pair of MMG's and felt it had plenty of power. I've since stepped up to a pair of MG-12's and am still using the same Anthem amp1. Tubes and Magnepans are great together.