Is anyone able to comment on Genesis Genre I ?

I have been enjoying a pair of Genesis Technologies Genre I speakers since 1993. In 1993, these speakers cost $1400 new. I am curious to know how they compare to other speakers even though I think I'd be wise to hang onto them. Any advice? Thanks!
Hi there.

I owned a pair of these for a very brief time but I can honestly say they held their own against my PSB Stratus Golds!

I sold these primarily because the cabinets had been damaged in transit and I got a very good deal on a pair of original Gallo Reference II's

What is mind blowing is their low-end, especially from a non-ported design. I read somewhere that if you unscrewed the connector panel (thereby creating a port-kind of) the bass would really knock your socks off!

I think the magic behind this design was the column cylinder that was built into the cabinet. It creats similar sound dynamics as the Gallo's spheres...

Yes, if you like these and they are aesthetically pleasing enough, definitely hold on to them.