Is anybody using the AR1 with SET?

The Acoustic Research 1 is a 95db efficient 8 ohm speaker with a current Stereophile class B rating. It is available on the web for $1300-1400 new. ($2500 list)I have found no dealers near me who carry this,and no posts on this either.
Mid-Fi or Hi-Fi?
The AR1 can be purchased at Shop4 for $1429.00. I purchased
a pair from them about a year or so ago. I use them with a
Plinius SA100 Mk. 3 amp and the companion pre amp (CD Lad).
I use Alpha Core MI-3 and there Silver Micro Purl interconnects and the imaging and sound is Truly addictive.
I also have them intergrated into my HT sys. using the AR2
center channel and a couple of AR9's in the rear. A great
system! As long as you keep the Bass turned down (knob between 2 and 3) the speakers will sound great. Luck
I also use a Sony SCD 1 SACD which I love!
Thanks for the response. A couple of e-tailers have them for $667 apiece.I am not familiar with the the Plinius amp. How much power does that one put out?