Is anybody familiar with the Induction Dynamics S2?

They’re small mini-monitor speakers that are generally marketed through custom installers; also available for purchase directly via their distributors. The S2 is a 2-way mini-monitor in a fully-sealed enclosure that’s just 8 inches deep (x 15.3” high and 8.5” wide, weight 22 lbs.), using a Focal 6.5 inch Ø mid/woofer and a 1.1 inch inverted titanium dome tweeter; load impedance 4Ω. The internal crossover and the general quality of the enclosure look to be first rate, based on the limited info provided on the Induction Dynamics website. They’re costly, approaching $5k/pair if in rosewood or satin black.

I’m interested because I have a decor constraint that limits me to the use of mini-monitor main speakers with a maximum depth of 8 inches. The width and height are not restricted, but depth = 8” max., as they have to sit on my brick fireplace mantle (not negotiable). There are very few mini-monitors that meet this depth restriction.

At present, I’m using a pair of Spendor S3/5R2 classic mini-monitors as my main speakers, plus a pair of JL Audio E-Sub e110 subwoofers (near floor, flanked outside mains) for bass support, and I’m quite pleased with the sound. I use an external active crossover (Marchand XM66), and split the main/subs passbands at 94Hz via the XM66 controller’s Linkwitz-Riley 4th order crossover network. (The subs’ internal xovers are bypassed.) The mains and subs are optimally phase-matched at the 94Hz crossover frequency, as measured at my primary listening position. (Method was per “Tech Talk” sidebar on "Classical Candor" website.)

I’m tempted to consider an upgrade. The move from the Spendor’s little 5 inch Ø mid/woofers up to the larger 6.5 inch Ø Focal mid/woofers in the Induction Dynamics S2 speakers should yield audible improvement in the mid-bass 125Hz-500Hz octaves. Has anybody had prior experience with the Induction Dynamics S2 speakers?