Is Analysis Plus giving away free samples?

I’m in the market for some used Analysis Plus speaker cables so I’ve been following the classified ads with regard to AP fairly closely. I’ve noticed several new pairs of various types of AP cables (speaker and IC) come up over the last month or so and then today, I noticed three sellers all listing brand new AP cables for sale. All the sellers appear to be private individuals and from the zip codes listed they all appear to be from different parts of the country. In some cases brand new cables are being sold for ½ the retail price. Just coincidental or is something up with AP that I should be aware of before I increase my holding of their cables?
I just sold a pair of very new balanced Copper Ovals for exactly half of what I paid for them. Its what the used market will bear more than anything else.
I understand used cables selling at 1/2 retail (or less), but what I'm talking about is BRAND NEW cables in factory sealed wrappers being sold in some cases for 1/2 retail, hence my question. If that's what current market conditions are hopefully the one's I'm looking for will be popping up soon.
You should get at up to 40% off new cables anyway. Also, these might be gray market or old stock last years model.

Why not ask the sellers?

Thanks Steve...can you refer me to someone that sells AP for 40% off list? I'm not able to find anyone that discounts them nearly that much.
Hey, that's between you and your dealer. A dealer knows what a customer will pay, and that is what they will charge you. It's just like buying a car, once they understand you are the guy who will pay 10% over cost or walk, you will get the price you want. Again with the analogies, it's lke buying strings at the guitar store( or cables!).