Is an "ultimate Outlet on a switch mode P/S amp OK

I have an amp with a high quality Switch mode power supply.It is a modified Rowland 8t.It was the 2 chassis model,but I had the battery chassis updated to accomodate the new switch mode P/S.It is actually better than the battery,but I wonder if it would benefit from a PS Audio Ultimate outlet,or is that not necessary,as the switch mode P/S converts to pure DC.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.Thanks!
I use a high current ultimate outlet on my Jeff Rowland 201s with good effect - greater bass extension and definition as well as a somewhat improved overall clarity. This was particularly noticable when I had recently moved house and had my system connected to the house's general mains circuit. In my previous house I ran dedicated mains outlet for my sound system. The effect of the HCUO was noticable but not as great as now with a non dedicated mains outlet.
Glen,thanks for responding.So you would say that even though the Rowland's switch mode P/S converts to pure D/C ,there is STILL a sonic benefit to an UO?Did you A/B with,and without the UO?I am leaning in the UO direction,but just need a little push.

You can get a used OU for roughly 225$ the HC version.Buy one and see if it helps,if not you can easily resell it.They are hot items.
Best of luck