Is an isolation transformer better than a power conditioner?

I was never thrilled with my Shunyata Triton/Typhon pc.

It improves the SQ but not dramatically. And it is two large chassis that take up a lot of real estate. And not particularly attractive. And we’re $18K new! One would expect transformative performance.

Just went to great lengths and expense to run a dedicated AC line. $4.5K of special Oyaide cable, duplexes and cover plates. And $1.2K electrician.

It was also highly recommended that I also go with an isolation transformer. Went from Torus to Bryston to Equitech. Focusing on the balanced power Equitech.

Getting one, I am curious to know if it will “blow away” my T/T as I have been told.

And with the dedicated AC, maybe not plugging my amps into the new duplexes but the Et would be better. Or plugging in the Et to the T/T and the T/T into the wall.

But I sure would like to get rid of the Shunyatas.


Personally I like dedicated lines into the sound room and furutech receptacles and power cords all these I find far better than any power conditioner I bought or tried. Regards

As an electronic engineer, I feel that power conditioners should not be necessary. The power supplies inside quality audio kit should be able to reject any noise on the powerline, it's flawed if it can't! Where there may be a benefit is with main AC driven turntables, where noise may be transmitted to the motor.

'Improved but not dramatically'

I posit that such a perceived change not further described is highly likely to be the result of expectation bias and not an objective sound improvement.  The description is low-key and unexciting, expressing disappointment and not satisfaction.  Non-specific and not recognising any particular change in the sound.  A sop to the supplier who took the dollars and a false justification to assuage the dollars spent.

I have the same Shunyata power conditioners that you have and love them. They are truly transformative in my system. I get micro details and sound stage width and depth in spades. Hear details I’ve never heard before from seemingly from everywhere. Perhaps it’s just system dependent and mine is what yo7 might consider a large system. Sorry to hear this about your experience.