Is an I2S cable a Cat 5, 6 or 7 Ethernet cable, or are they two different beasts?

This may be a silly question, I don't know.  If they're the same, why do they use the term I2S instead of Ethernet?  If they're different, what's the difference? 

I'm talking about using it between my NAS --> router --> Lumin Network Music Player. 

Had to google it myself, informative thread below.

Thanks, I read that yesterday.  That article makes it appear that the I2S cable has a different connector.

But I saw this:

I'm using Audioquest Vodka Ethernet cables right now.

When I saw the Stealth I2S cable yesterday, I began wondering if there was a difference, or if they're the same thing.

Yes, that was my understanding too. Had to google some more...*laffs
I2S is an Ethernet Digital Cable, and depending where you look pricing and quality vary. I'd look for a Cat 7 with quality RJ-45 connectors.
Have to admit, the I2S thru me, a friggin digital ethernet cable. Learn something everyday.
That is one pricey link you posted. Heres another...*laffs
I2S is not a cable. It is a digital transmission method. If you have J45 connectors then it will use any ethernet cable. It can also be transmitted using HDMI connectors with HDMI cable.It is a very good sounding connection from a streamer to a dac
By the whey wikapedia has a very good explanation of the I2S protocall
@ ahendler, I'm getting lessons today, that's good. I need to spend more time in the forums.

So I2S has nothing to do with a specific cable.  It's a defined transmission protocol that a DAC may be designed to use as one of its inputs, laying out what internally wired pins are used.

Given that, then some cables with J45 connectors that are labeled as I2S, like the Stealth, may or may not have only the internal wires that the I2S specifically needs.  This would make them not usable as a standard Ethernet cable.

Does this sound correct and why a cable manufacturer would specify that it's an I2S cable?


The Stealth I2S cable can be used as a standard eithernet cable of course at a ridiculous price
I2S is the protocol used within a DAC for moving data from point to point.  There are some devices that can transmit data in this form and DACs that will accept it in that form.  Doing so avoids two steps of data conversion and can lead to better sound.  PS Audio and Wyred 4 Sound are a couple of manufacturers that come to mind that use this.  For both of those manufacturers they use a standard HDMI cable to transmit the data.  CAT 5/6/7 are all Ethernet data cables for transmission of data between computers, completely different from I2S.

But of course you can use  CAT 5/6/7 cables for I2S connection 
Ahendler, if the manufacturer uses an RJ45 connector for outputting/inputting their I2S data, then yes you can use a CAT 5/6/7 cable. Otherwise, no you can't, the connectors are incompatible.  Could you use CAT 5/6/7 wire with an HDMI connector?  Maybe.  CAT 5/6/7 has 8 conducting wires, and HDMI cable has 19, but when used in the I2S application I don't think they use anywhere near 19 wires to transmit the data.  Not sure why someone would do this, but it could be done.
I2S uses 2 wires for data and 2 wires for power. My Audio-GD Master 7 can come with I2S using HDMI connectors or J45. The problem with a HDMI cable is it has to be wire in a certain way to work with the dac. The J45 connector does not have that problem.
Heheh...I'm paying attention.
Ahendler, I stand corrected!  Never heard of using an RJ45 connector for that purpose, but now I know at least one does.  Not sure what source uses the RJ45, didn't see one on the Audio GD site, but must be at least one.  I will say a lot of people get confused by the HDMI connector thinking it is an HDMI connection when it is not.  Same problem with an RJ45 and computer networks, hopefully no damage occurs when improperly hooked up.