Is an audio media transport really better than PC?

Hello guys,

I'm having some doubts about purchasing an audio grade media transport or music streamer.
Wouldn't say I'm a sole PC Hi-FI dude, by recently I've been seeing a lot of reviews and articles talking about using a audio streamer to play music can certainly outperform PC playing, like the sound quality and stuff.
I normally use Roon to play music by my PC, which is not bad, but of course not heavenly I'd say haha... anyways, so recently I did some researches about some audio streamer/media transport with fair prices, there's one called Munich M1T, the price is worth a shot, and it's Roon Ready certified, but I'm just still hesitating that if I should buy it.

Can anyone share some insights with me? I'll be grateful big timeee~


You could put together a Room endpoint by using a Raspberry Pi 4 and Ubuntu. I have one running with my Mytek and it's pretty fabulous.

I don't know that this will always outperform a PC but sadly the one area where a separate unit can outperform a PC is if ground loops develop in the USB connection.  An especially bad problem when the PC and streamer on on different AC circuits.

Honestly it's a shame that not every DAC has complete isolation from ground loops but here we are.