Is an ARC LS17SE a significant upgrade over SP16L?

Greetings, Agoners,

Who out there has experience with both the SP16 and LS17SE from Audio Research? My current preamp is an  SP16L, and I have a chance to move to an LS17SE. I know that is one step higher up the food chain (plus the SE revision), but I am wondering if it would be a significant enough upgrade to warrant making the switch. I am guessing that by the time I resell my SP16L, I would be out an additional $1000 or so. The rest of my system includes Vandersteen 2ce Signature II, Bryston 3B SST, VPI Prime, Hana SH, Simaudio Moon 110LP, and Jolida JD100A.


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Thanks as always, Johnny. I really appreciate your insight.