Is an ARC LS17SE a significant upgrade over SP16L?

Greetings, Agoners,

Who out there has experience with both the SP16 and LS17SE from Audio Research? My current preamp is an  SP16L, and I have a chance to move to an LS17SE. I know that is one step higher up the food chain (plus the SE revision), but I am wondering if it would be a significant enough upgrade to warrant making the switch. I am guessing that by the time I resell my SP16L, I would be out an additional $1000 or so. The rest of my system includes Vandersteen 2ce Signature II, Bryston 3B SST, VPI Prime, Hana SH, Simaudio Moon 110LP, and Jolida JD100A.

I had the LS17SE for 6 months, a Primaluna Dialogue preamp bested it with more organic sound. I suspect you have to go up higher in the ARC range to get better sound.
Greetings Chris,  I would stay with the ARC SP 17 for now and try some new 12AX7 Gold Lion easily available. Also call and see if Bryston Vermont service can make sure the amp is in spec and while in there change the input impedance to 100K.Our buddy just did this with improved clarity was very satisfied.
 Best Johnny R