Is Amy White Back to Black vinyl well recorded?

Hi, just curious..have Amy White, "Back to Black" vinyl 2007 Universal Island Records Ltd. 180 grams. Record is clean but the sound quality is poor,  almost as if the two stereo tracks of the recording are out of phase, fuzzy, clarity is fair at best. Yes, I have already played other problem. Question,  does anyone else have this album? Similar issues or not? Thanks, believe I bought it from Music Direct.
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Apologies,  typo but thank you for her correct last name, david _ten :-)
My copy is fine, but the recording style is a little “vintage” if you will. This might be what you are hearing. Or, you got a bad press. Send it back, try another one. Excellent album. She was a wreck, but so talented.
My vinyl copy sounds great.
Thanks, sending it back.
The CD sounds good.
Amy Winehouse used to different recording engineers for ‘Back to Black’ and mentioned that she wanted a different but raunchy effect from both of them. I find that album unlistenable because of the way it was recorded. Compare ‘Back to Black’ to her earlier record ‘Frank’ and you will hear a day and night difference in sound quality.
That would be my thinking as well. Thank you, I will pick up Frank.